4 Things to Consider When Building Your First Resume Website

Tips | | April 7, 2011 at 8:56 pm

18382570_sHere are four resume website tips that are sure to jumpstart your creation process!

1)      Do you really need a resume website?
Depending on the job that you are applying for a resume website could be considered overkill. For instance, a construction worker, waiter, or even a convenience store worker probably wouldn’t benefit greatly fork a resume website. Jobs like these have high turnover and are usually stepping stones to higher points in your future career.

2)      Pick a domain name that suits you

Your future domain name is probably one of the most memorable aspects that you will leave with a future possible employer. You should have a domain that sounds professional and communicates to everyone around you that you are serious about your profession and are adequately prepared.

3)      Finish what you start!

The most important thing that prospective employers look for is some type of consistency and follow-through. Treat your resume website as if it is a direct representation of your character. Red flags start to get raised if you resume website is peppered with grammatical errors and layout problems.

4)      Can you handle the heat?

The biggest factor that prevents people from utilizing the incredible opportunity to build a resume website to showcase their work history is fear. Many people have the false misconception that building a website is something reserved for the technically savvy of the world. Here’s a news flash: it’s 2011. Building a resume website has never been easier.

If you are looking for the simplest and fastest way to create a fully functional and beautiful website without learning a new programming language then check out  Wix.com . Their online website builders are great for resume creation and can get you off the ground pretty quick. Be sure to upgrade to the $5 a month plan and snag your own domain name at  Wix.com so you don’t have that tacky wix.com/yourname URL.

Still worried that a resume website is too difficult to make with Wix.com? Check out this video that shows you how easy it is.

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